Waterlogged Carpet?

24/7 Water Extraction

If your carpet has been damaged by a flood or absorbed a dangerous amount of water, you can extract it no matter what time it is with the 24/7 water extraction services of JC Carpet Cleaning.

In addition to looking out for your structural integrity, extracting water from your carpet will reduce future expenses by eliminating costly home repairs and a new carpet installation.

So if you experience flooding, a pipe burst, or excessive leaks, you can call us at any time of the day to extract the water from your carpet.

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Water Extraction

Reduce future expenses

Prevent structural damage

Excess water soaking into your carpet is bad for your home’s structure. If water stays in your carpet too long, it can not only cause mold to grow, but it can also sink down into your floorboard and other structural pieces of your home.

Protect your home’s structural integrity by relying on our friendly staff’s skill and experience.


More than a little bit of water?

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Discounts and specials are available

Looking to make your service even more affordable? Seniors and military personnel can save 15% on their carpet cleaning service, thanks to our discount.

Be sure to ask about our winter specials, and contact us to know more about our other services.