Accidents happen.

Remove Odors And Stains The Easy Way

There are a variety of unexpected events like fires, floods, and pet or human accidents that can cause unpleasant odors in your home.  Enjoy fresh and clean carpets by removing odors and stains with JC Carpet Cleaning’s services. You’ll love our cost-effective prices!

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Don’t put up with smelly, ugly carpets

Revive your Carpet

Has your pet soiled your carpet’s freshness or appearance by not making it outside or to their litter box in time?

JC Carpet Cleaners offers effective pet odor removal that works! No matter how tough your carpet’s stain is, you can rest assured knowing we use only the best dirt busting detergents to break up the hardest stains! Our service includes stain removal and powerful odor neutralizers that eliminate the root causes of the odor and don’t just cover it up. The stain will be gone and your carpet will be left with a fresh and clean scent! All products used are safe and designed to be earth-friendly.

You can always rely on our stain removal and deodorizing services to take care of what your pets leave behind.

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Seniors and military personnel can save 15% on their carpet cleaning service, thanks to our discount.

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